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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Nahyan Chowdhury, the season was summer when I was born. The sun was shining and…ok.

I’m a marketing guy, with a startup social enterprise that does basketball training and mentorship for youth in Toronto. This page should give an overview of what I do and what I’m about. My blog is more about what I’m thinking and doing now. Thanks for dropping by. Lemme know if I can help with anything.

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Main Things:

  • Co-Founder @DeenUPAthletics – we run basketball training and mentorship programs for youth in Toronto; in 5 locations, including 3 at-risk neighborhoods. I’m behind-the-scenes (and I’m not good at basketball). We’ve had 1000+ players go through the programs since it’s 2012 launch, and 15+ graduating student-athletes getting scholarships into CIS and NCAA Programs in Canada and U.S.
  • Work @Readyportal – Toronto-based software startup. In business development, surrounded by smart developers. Loving it.
  • Interests – marketing for startups, personal development, social enterprise, technology, entrepreneurship. Started blogging here.

 Personal Background

  • moiI operate in my lonesome from Toronto, Canada
  • Trying to get schmart with words and things
  • Originally from Bangladesh, with a detour in Qatar (a dot on the map in middle east) where I grew up until Grade 4 [and straight into ESL (!) but that’s another story…]
  • Never been an “A” student, but often reminisce the good times at Birchmount Park C.I. [high school] and University of Toronto. Turned out alright though.

Things I do or want to do:

  • work with and learn from smart people
  • experiment with “life hacks”, learn new skills, etc.
  • think more, write more.
  • watch less, read less.

Here’s an overview of our startup, DeenUP Athletics

We run basketball training and mentorship programs for youth in five locations across Toronto, to create elite student-athletes. Since launching in 2012, we’ve had 1000+ players go through the programs and 15+ graduating players now playing at college/university level across Canada and in the U.S.

And as much as I like the basketball part, I’m prefer being the behind-the-scenes guy.

Our Virtual Homes:

Main Site – DeenUP.com
Facebook – DeenUP Basketball
Twitter – @DeenUPAthletics
Youtube – DeenUP Basketball
Instagram – DeenUP Basketball
Blog – BiggerThanBasketball

This is how your words can reach me:

Email – nahyanchowdhury@gmail.com
Twitter @Nahyan
LinkedInNahyan C.