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3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

Wasting Time the Right Way
Wasting Time the Right Way

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[Part 2: here]

We all have those few hours or days when you don’t feel like doing anything (anything useful that is). So we tend to lazy around, watch TV, surf the net, or find something to waste time with.

Ey, it happens to all of us.

I’ve been thinking, how can you and I get the best of both worlds? Still be “lazy” and make it useful.

Now it’s getting clearer to me and I’ve just recently started to use these 3 strategies.


#1 – Edu-tainment

By far my favorite one Continue reading 3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

3-Step Efficiency

3-step Efficiency
3-step Efficiency

When you have a goal in mind for something you’re planning to do, take it one task at a time. Be single focused because you don’t want to be juggling 12 things at once.

Here is the 3-Step Efficiency Process while doing a task.

[ Before we begin: Efficiency = getting the maximum results output from minimum time input ]

1 – Finish what you start – Even if you’re doing one thing at a time, not multitasking, doing all the right things but never finishing things off then all this useless. Do your best for 100% completion before moving on to.

Here’s why: Did you ever start reading a book or started cleaning a room until it’s almost done but decided to finish it off later…chances are that the happy ending never came. Probably because you Continue reading 3-Step Efficiency

Burst Out…then Drop Out

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Go the extra mile…even when you’re feeling the burn.

Give that final push and tell yourself that the end result is coming soon.


OK, just to back track a little bit – “what’s this guy talking about?”

This is about giving it your all when it’s needed from you and where the value is.

Here’s an example from marathons:

It’s near the end of the race and everybody is exhausted, but some racers are speeding up instead of slowing down…there’s a burst of energy during those final moments. The 6th position guy can come to 1st and the 1st drops to 4th. This decides the whole race and the top positions can change just like that. It’s a test of who can Continue reading Burst Out…then Drop Out