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3 Investments for the “GoodLife”

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Overview: 3 Investments are: Time, Patience, and Life into Life

Invest with Time

It’s paradoxical; you’ll need to put in time (loss) so you can increase the value of time in your future (gain).



2 Examples:

Walking – progress is linear (it’s in small bits and doesn’t get bigger or anything)

Catapult – Like flying there in 3 days vs walking for 3 months)

The hard part with a catapult is the set up.

For walking, it is easier and within the comfort zone…that’s why it’s the easier choice as well.

BUT here’s the thing, struggles and hardships will ALWAYS exist…when aren’t they there? You can either work hard once and reap the rewards than work hard throughout and reap (lesser and more delayed) rewards


Here’s what I did recently; it was during assignment times and I still took 2 hrs out to attend an interview. My justification was that it’ll give me a boost and increase motivation to finish the assignments so then I can move on to other stuff…and alhamdulillah it was the smarter decision

Part of my personal game-plan is to continuously feed my mind to keep it ripe n fresh – that’s something any student, professional, home-maker can adapt.

This could mean a bunch of things for you :

  • If you’re tired all the time then maybe you’re not tired, you’re just BORED
  • Sometimes when the progress in life is next to nothing, read a new book, research something you’re interested in, enroll in a class, spend quality time with important people, help somebody else etc.
  • Start hitting the gym or pick up an old sport you used to love to keep physical shape

One way or another, create that zest for life and a love for living – not like an attachment to dunya love, rather excellence towards the akhira.

Invest with Patience

Y’know that interview I mentioned, it was of Lisa Gabriele (Canadian author and executive producer of the show “Dragon’s Den”) held at University of Toronto. One of the points about writing stood out to me, “most aren’t willing to just sit and wait…and then start.”

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of patience and you’ll get yourself through the project, exam, bumps in a relationship, writing an article on time management 😀

Be patient with yourself, and be confident in the fruits of that patience Continue reading 3 Investments for the “GoodLife”

Edu-tainment For Real

Check it out:


Abdullah KidShow – new “killer” kid show; check it out + share + enjoy some more   — Made by Leechon Films and EgyptianGumbo

Kalimaat – Board Game by Baba Ali

Edu-tainment Article – 3 Ways for Time Well “Wasted”


Microwave Tips: Desktop CleanUp

Microwave Tips = Quick Tips on Time Management; learn fast and implement immediately.

[Read Time >> 45 seconds]

What’s on your computer desktop?

Desktop CleanUp
Desktop CleanUp

Few folders and icons or a mess.

I for one usually had a messy computer desktop,that people see and go “woo…”

So here are 3 things that can be done about it:

1 – How do things get there?

  • Do you put everything there because you “may” need it someday?
  • Is that where all downloaded files go?
  • You think it makes you look important 😛

2 – Temporary solution

  • Create a folder that just says “Desktop Stuff” so whatever your reasoning is, you can still use it in the folder
  • Create a folder saying “NOW” in case your current projects and tasks clog it up

3 – Resolve for good

  • Send things to their place from the beginning; when installing, downloading, saving
  • Have a separate place for downloaded files, so they skip your desktop
  • Delete – Delete – Delete; sometimes I dig deep into my computer and some junk makes me think “what was I thinking?” – so get rid of the junk and think twice before putting more in there.

Bonus: On Windows and there’s a way to put icons into the bottom toolbar thingy, so keep the commonly used icons there.



T4T = Tools for Time (Management)

Watch the 1st video of the upgraded Tools for Time Management series: SERIOUS Alarm


1) Watch it

2) Comment What’s the best tool to wake YOU up?

3) Subscribe on YouTube


Time “Well” Wasted – Best Places [Part II]

Time "Well" Wasted - Best Places
Time "Well" Wasted - Best Places

[Part I here]

We can’t always be on high gear right?

So recovery and taking breaks are critical to being productive.

This is for good for when you’re in between tasks, just taking your mind off things, or simply learning something interesting.



YouTube – Edu-tainment: (Educational and Entertaining)

@GoogleTalks – presentations by various experts; authors, leaders, marketers, politicians etc.

*iGNiTe – Spreading the Knowledge of Innovators, 5 minute presentations on many things.  (I ‘discovered’ it recently and it’s fantastic)

*Leechon Films – dawah vids (super-trailers for AlMaghrib Institute, speeches etc.) social media training, other good stuff with ma man Belal Khan

*UmmahFilms – with short reminder videos by “Baba Ali” and interesting projects he’s working on

KhalifaKlothing – Islamic lectures, dawah videos etc.

YouTube – The Fun & The Funny:

*FailBlog – oh man, one of the best channels there 😀

*Happy Tree Friends – short cartoons; looks can be deceiving…


*TED – Ideas Worth Spreading – a wealth of knowledge by world renowned experts, high quality and short presentations (One of my favorites)

BetterDaysTV.net – Self Improvement videos Continue reading Time “Well” Wasted – Best Places [Part II]

3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

Wasting Time the Right Way
Wasting Time the Right Way

[Read Time >> 2 minutes]

[Part 2: here]

We all have those few hours or days when you don’t feel like doing anything (anything useful that is). So we tend to lazy around, watch TV, surf the net, or find something to waste time with.

Ey, it happens to all of us.

I’ve been thinking, how can you and I get the best of both worlds? Still be “lazy” and make it useful.

Now it’s getting clearer to me and I’ve just recently started to use these 3 strategies.


#1 – Edu-tainment

By far my favorite one Continue reading 3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

3-Step Efficiency

3-step Efficiency
3-step Efficiency

When you have a goal in mind for something you’re planning to do, take it one task at a time. Be single focused because you don’t want to be juggling 12 things at once.

Here is the 3-Step Efficiency Process while doing a task.

[ Before we begin: Efficiency = getting the maximum results output from minimum time input ]

1 – Finish what you start – Even if you’re doing one thing at a time, not multitasking, doing all the right things but never finishing things off then all this useless. Do your best for 100% completion before moving on to.

Here’s why: Did you ever start reading a book or started cleaning a room until it’s almost done but decided to finish it off later…chances are that the happy ending never came. Probably because you Continue reading 3-Step Efficiency

5 Myths about Time Management

In the world, there are some great myths today that were once thought to be fact. Like the earth is flat or the planets and sun revolves around the earth.

In life there are also things we live our life by, thinking it’s true but we just bought into the wrong ideas. Here are 5 Myths about Time Management

#1 – I don’t have Time for Time Management

Isn’t this so ironic?

Here’s what it comes down to: Feel the short sting of Continue reading 5 Myths about Time Management