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3 Investments for the “GoodLife”

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Overview: 3 Investments are: Time, Patience, and Life into Life

Invest with Time

It’s paradoxical; you’ll need to put in time (loss) so you can increase the value of time in your future (gain).



2 Examples:

Walking – progress is linear (it’s in small bits and doesn’t get bigger or anything)

Catapult – Like flying there in 3 days vs walking for 3 months)

The hard part with a catapult is the set up.

For walking, it is easier and within the comfort zone…that’s why it’s the easier choice as well.

BUT here’s the thing, struggles and hardships will ALWAYS exist…when aren’t they there? You can either work hard once and reap the rewards than work hard throughout and reap (lesser and more delayed) rewards


Here’s what I did recently; it was during assignment times and I still took 2 hrs out to attend an interview. My justification was that it’ll give me a boost and increase motivation to finish the assignments so then I can move on to other stuff…and alhamdulillah it was the smarter decision

Part of my personal game-plan is to continuously feed my mind to keep it ripe n fresh – that’s something any student, professional, home-maker can adapt.

This could mean a bunch of things for you :

  • If you’re tired all the time then maybe you’re not tired, you’re just BORED
  • Sometimes when the progress in life is next to nothing, read a new book, research something you’re interested in, enroll in a class, spend quality time with important people, help somebody else etc.
  • Start hitting the gym or pick up an old sport you used to love to keep physical shape

One way or another, create that zest for life and a love for living – not like an attachment to dunya love, rather excellence towards the akhira.

Invest with Patience

Y’know that interview I mentioned, it was of Lisa Gabriele (Canadian author and executive producer of the show “Dragon’s Den”) held at University of Toronto. One of the points about writing stood out to me, “most aren’t willing to just sit and wait…and then start.”

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of patience and you’ll get yourself through the project, exam, bumps in a relationship, writing an article on time management 😀

Be patient with yourself, and be confident in the fruits of that patience Continue reading 3 Investments for the “GoodLife”