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2009 in Review (II of II)

2009 in Review
2009 in Review Photo from Koalazymonkey

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The Part I (with the exercise) is here

So this is my 3 Things I’ve Accomplished, Learned, and Will Focus On

3 Things I’ve Accomplished:

1) NahyanInc.com started (June)

  • Lesson: start and then improve it, instead of trying to make it “perfect” because it’s never going to get there

2) Made my 1st videos

  • May not sound major, but it’s quite weird talking into a camera by myself. (Most of the earlier videos are offline now)

3) KnowledgeHive

  • I didn’t “DO” this, but attending KnowledgeHive from AlKauthar Institute was an unforgettable experience and a great learning experience, in and out of class. Looking forward to it in 2009.

3 Things I’ve Learned:

1) BS-ing (not a swear word if it’s an acronym right 😛 ) will only take me so far

Ramadan AfterMath [Part 1 of 2]

Where do you go after Ramadan?
Where do you go after Ramadan?

It is said that “it takes 21 days to build a habit” but so many people keep saying they weren’t able to maintain much after Ramadan.

With Ramadan being 30 days that should guarantee fantastic new habits in our lives such as more Quran, longer prayers, less distractions. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


The problem obviously is not with Ramadan , but our approach to Ramadan



In this two-part article, we’ll first focus on understanding the problem and then explore solutions. Full version is exclusively on MuslimMatters.org


There are 2 areas of Ramadan that are misunderstood or even unknown to many Muslims.

  1. Habits (as mentioned earlier)
  2. Momentum

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