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Edu-tainment For Real

Check it out:


Abdullah KidShow – new “killer” kid show; check it out + share + enjoy some more   — Made by Leechon Films and EgyptianGumbo

Kalimaat – Board Game by Baba Ali

Edu-tainment Article – 3 Ways for Time Well “Wasted”


Quiet on the Blog Front

[Read Time >> 1.5 minutes]

It’s been way too long – nothing has been posted on this site.

Problem = lack of system = slow or no progress

What happened?

  • 2 weeks ago I completed a T4T vid (with the editing help of Mahfooz) but didn’t post it because I wanted to finish the other stuff
  • 1 week ago I made a video…but it was on my sister’s computer and then she took her laptop home
  • This week I made a video, but o look my laptop is pretty garbage so it can’t “handle” video editing
  • Software didn’t install at uni, couldn’t borrow my sister’s for few hours and now I finally figured “Why not use my dad’s work laptop that’s lying in the very next room!”

Now I’m sitting here with two 95% and one 60% completed tasks but nothing to show for. However, now I’m working on bringing them all to 100%…


Solution and my Future Plan

Create systems – a process to follow from start to finish with Continue reading Quiet on the Blog Front

Hot-Seat Sessions

[Read Time >> 3 mins] If you’ve got your hand stuck on a stove and then you feel it slowly heating up, I would think at that time you’re not very concerned about tonight’s dinner.

Hot-Seat sessions are about getting in and out as fast as possible, minus the complaints. It brings into the mix an immensely powerful motivating emotion: URGENCY

That’s the “gotta finish fast” feeling.

You see, most of the time urgency comes externally, like outside of ourselves. So things like deadlines at work, due date for assignment, exams, mom tells you to etc.


Hot-Seat sessions are especially good for something YOU want done because you want it done, not because someone told you to do it. For example Continue reading Hot-Seat Sessions