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Microwave Tips: Desktop CleanUp

Microwave Tips = Quick Tips on Time Management; learn fast and implement immediately.

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What’s on your computer desktop?

Desktop CleanUp
Desktop CleanUp

Few folders and icons or a mess.

I for one usually had a messy computer desktop,that people see and go “woo…”

So here are 3 things that can be done about it:

1 – How do things get there?

  • Do you put everything there because you “may” need it someday?
  • Is that where all downloaded files go?
  • You think it makes you look important 😛

2 – Temporary solution

  • Create a folder that just says “Desktop Stuff” so whatever your reasoning is, you can still use it in the folder
  • Create a folder saying “NOW” in case your current projects and tasks clog it up

3 – Resolve for good

  • Send things to their place from the beginning; when installing, downloading, saving
  • Have a separate place for downloaded files, so they skip your desktop
  • Delete – Delete – Delete; sometimes I dig deep into my computer and some junk makes me think “what was I thinking?” – so get rid of the junk and think twice before putting more in there.

Bonus: On Windows and there’s a way to put icons into the bottom toolbar thingy, so keep the commonly used icons there.