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Microwave Tips: Desktop CleanUp

Microwave Tips = Quick Tips on Time Management; learn fast and implement immediately.

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What’s on your computer desktop?

Desktop CleanUp
Desktop CleanUp

Few folders and icons or a mess.

I for one usually had a messy computer desktop,that people see and go “woo…”

So here are 3 things that can be done about it:

1 – How do things get there?

  • Do you put everything there because you “may” need it someday?
  • Is that where all downloaded files go?
  • You think it makes you look important 😛

2 – Temporary solution

  • Create a folder that just says “Desktop Stuff” so whatever your reasoning is, you can still use it in the folder
  • Create a folder saying “NOW” in case your current projects and tasks clog it up

3 – Resolve for good

  • Send things to their place from the beginning; when installing, downloading, saving
  • Have a separate place for downloaded files, so they skip your desktop
  • Delete – Delete – Delete; sometimes I dig deep into my computer and some junk makes me think “what was I thinking?” – so get rid of the junk and think twice before putting more in there.

Bonus: On Windows and there’s a way to put icons into the bottom toolbar thingy, so keep the commonly used icons there.


Microwave Tips: 3 Step Email Cleanup

Microwave Tips = Quick Tips on Time Management; learn fast and implement immediately.

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Inbox Cleanup
Email Cleanup

If you’re like most people, then your email inbox is becoming more and more important to you. It’s great for communication, but  it can eat into your time.


The Tip:

Spend just 3-5 minutes, look how your inbox is set up and simplify it.

Step 1:

  • How many emails do you get per day?
  • Do you have filters and folders in place?
  • Are there junk emails or useless subscriptions?

Step 2:

  • Unsubscribe from useless subscriptions (even Islamic stuff, just keep what you read and not what you “plan” to read)

Step 3:

  • Create Filters and folders so you can easily categorize emails, instead of clogging up your inbox


You don’t have to create ALL your filters in one shot. Maybe do this twice a week for 2 weeks and you’re good.

Personal recommendation: Use Gmail (Google is Fantastic!)

Lemme know your thoughts + your ideas on this in the comments section below…