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Ramadan Reflections: YOU without a Blurr

YOU without a blurr
YOU without a blurr

It’s said that airplanes are off their course most of the time, yet they start and reach their intended destinations. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and making adjustments on the way.

Ramadan. This is the ‘realest’ you can get. Shaytan is tied up, the avenues to do good is so common, atmosphere of Muslims is  o-so-good.

It’s all on YOU…

Instead of waiting until after Ramadan to do some self-analysis, take account now and adjust course.

Let’s cover 3 areas for now:

  1. Ibadah Threshold
  2. The Replacement for Time
  3. Watching the Energy Dial

Ibadah Threshold

Considering that the shayateen are tied up and we’re left to ourselves, our quality and quantity ibadah (worship of Allah) reflects our Ibadah Threshold.

It’s like the cap on how much good deeds our mind & body can handle and how far our Iman drive us.

It’s the same month of Ramadan for everyone. Yet we see some Muslims who are fully ON and continue improving, while others are making FaceBook updates about how Continue reading Ramadan Reflections: YOU without a Blurr