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3-Step Efficiency

3-step Efficiency
3-step Efficiency

When you have a goal in mind for something you’re planning to do, take it one task at a time. Be single focused because you don’t want to be juggling 12 things at once.

Here is the 3-Step Efficiency Process while doing a task.

[ Before we begin: Efficiency = getting the maximum results output from minimum time input ]

1 – Finish what you start – Even if you’re doing one thing at a time, not multitasking, doing all the right things but never finishing things off then all this useless. Do your best for 100% completion before moving on to.

Here’s why: Did you ever start reading a book or started cleaning a room until it’s almost done but decided to finish it off later…chances are that the happy ending never came. Probably because you Continue reading 3-Step Efficiency