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Dump the Waste and Make Space

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Everyday people complain about how they need to learn time management and how overwhelmed they are with “stuff,” but rarely do anything about it.

Really, it’s not like the solution’s so complicated, like finding a cure for cancer.


You and I know the “1001 things we can all do for better Time Management,” but it’s not likely we’ll do it. Why? Probably because we are “too busy” for it – the irony of that is another issue.

It really comes down to Continue reading Dump the Waste and Make Space

Changes-Challenge [C-C]

You can either let things happen to you or make things happen…it’s all on you

Nahyan Chowdhury 🙂


The “Changes Challenge [C-C]” is something I’m doing for myself and invite you to join in. This is what I mentioned in my email:


Over the past little while I noticed that I didn’t get too much ‘done’

The problem there is that anybody can start on things; small numbers of people do get started, but only successful people follow-through to get them done.


So now I will be absolutely focused on developing my habit of getting things Continue reading Changes-Challenge [C-C]