Time “Well” Wasted – Best Places [Part II]

Time "Well" Wasted - Best Places
Time "Well" Wasted - Best Places

[Part I here]

We can’t always be on high gear right?

So recovery and taking breaks are critical to being productive.

This is for good for when you’re in between tasks, just taking your mind off things, or simply learning something interesting.



YouTube – Edu-tainment: (Educational and Entertaining)

@GoogleTalks – presentations by various experts; authors, leaders, marketers, politicians etc.

*iGNiTe – Spreading the Knowledge of Innovators, 5 minute presentations on many things.  (I ‘discovered’ it recently and it’s fantastic)

*Leechon Films – dawah vids (super-trailers for AlMaghrib Institute, speeches etc.) social media training, other good stuff with ma man Belal Khan

*UmmahFilms – with short reminder videos by “Baba Ali” and interesting projects he’s working on

KhalifaKlothing – Islamic lectures, dawah videos etc.

YouTube – The Fun & The Funny:

*FailBlog – oh man, one of the best channels there 😀

*Happy Tree Friends – short cartoons; looks can be deceiving…


*TED – Ideas Worth Spreading – a wealth of knowledge by world renowned experts, high quality and short presentations (One of my favorites)

BetterDaysTV.net – Self Improvement videos; motivation, wealth, health etc.

HalalTube Islamic lectures by various speakers/teachers/scholars
IlmCast – High quality lectures; AlMaghrib Institute related

Cartoons -I’m not big on this (any more) it can really waste time…especially Anime! For those who watch anime know it can become addictive 😛 (I had 2 favorites…)

Note: This is not everything in the world, so add your comment and links below.


FaceBook Games – I haven’t played many games there, but it looks appealing

There’s the Xbox, PS2/3, Wii and computer games (it has to be for a limited time of course)I was killin it on Halo 3 (Xbox 360)…until my brother moved and the Xbox 360 followed him (it’s all good though 🙂

Reading Type: (requires a little bit of your brain)

*MuslimMatters – Relevant and high quality articles for Muslims (I’ve written for them before and would like to do more in the future)

Alltop – The latest business news on the web

AmusingFacts – well, they’re amusing facts…(I haven’t been there much though)

StumbleUpon – Search the most popular things on the web now (I don’t use it much yet, a recommendation from Jawaad Ahmad Khan)

FaceBook and Twitter – I’m on there too so contact me or just tweet it…


Before you go, I’ll just recommend to use things like bookmarks, put the links on a googledoc or something. Just so you’re not spending too much time just looking for stuff to do.


So that’s version 1.0 now, I would like to know your favorite places and/or how you’re finding these, so put them in the comment section below.

And of course if you found this useful, just say “More” and I’ll get that your way 🙂

9 thoughts on “Time “Well” Wasted – Best Places [Part II]

  1. http://www.fora.tv


    These both come from Time magazine’s website, where they list the “Top 50 Websites 2009.” Fora TV features videos of intellectual discussions from leading scientists and experts in various fields. Academic Earth: now this is cool! Ivy League universities—including Yale, Harvard, and Stanford—post videos of some of their courses online! I really haven’t taken the time to get acquainted with either, but I highly suggest them for “wasting your time well.”

    For Time’s full list of the top 50 websites of 2009 (you might find something you like!), go here: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,1918031,00.html

  2. @Ahmed B MashaAllah, these are great.

    Fora.tv – at first it sounded like a racing team to me, but I’m liking the science,tech, and culture sections.

    AcademicEarth – good concept, i’m gona feel like crap watching that…missing my own classes and watching others online 😛

    Thanks for the links bro

  3. Ooh, I was JUST thinking a few hours ago when I was on a (very long) break that I need to waste my time “well”. SubhanAllah. Ever since I recently rid myself of facebook, Ive found that there are so many other websites in the world that are actually *gasp* more entertaining AND beneficial!
    Other than this website which is really helping me so much alhamdulillah, I go on productivemuslim.com, mashAllah very inspirational website.
    pbs.org which has so many interesting articles and documentaries about things that really affect us on a daily basis.
    cityisoc.com, UK based website for young muslims in college with really amazing articles and videos. MashAllah, I dont think I know of any website comparable to this in the US. They really do a good job.

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