Being on Time
Being on Time

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OK, I’ve got 2 stories and a 1/2 for you.

Story #1 >> Late = not cool

So 2 weeks ago I made an appointment to call a brother at ____ time the upcoming Friday for important stuff. Everything’s good so far and I’m excited.

…Friday rolls in. I saw that my brother-in-law (Nakib) was taking Sh.Kamal Al Makki for his Jum’ah khutbah before his “Mercy to the Worlds” course with AlKauthar Institute in Toronto, so I tag along.

Had a good time, got home and (dan, dan, dannn) I got an email of disappointmentI missed the call!

[[I could almost hear few people laughing, because I had another mishap recently…but that’s confidential 😛 ]]

To cut the story short, I felt like crap and fortunately managed another meeting.

This time, I had the reminder on my wall, cellphone, and I knew there was no way I’ll mess this up. I was on campus at the time, and the only good place was outdoors (cold Canada by the way), but the call was made and I’m happy again.


Lesson – The difference the 2nd time around was that I made all the arrangements to be there on time (early) + gave him his right upon me to show up. ((Also, not keeping to your word lowers your value (in their eyes and probly yours) and it’s plain disrespectful))


Story #2 >> Plan for Blood

Nose Bleed
Nose Bleed

Disclaimer: This is a bit gross, so skip to the lesson if you so wish…but I’ll admit it’s funny too 😀

On Sunday I was getting ready to go for Dhuhr at the masjid. I got ready well in advance and the story was perfect in my mind…but there’s a special surprise waiting for me: Blood.

That’s a bit dramatic, it was actually a nose-bleed (I get them quite often so it’s not a big deal). This was persistent one so there I was for over 10 minutes with bloody tissue, and a bloody nose, and bloody sink (eww, I know, I was there)

BUT the story has a happy ending.

It was 1:01 pm, I rushed to get my jacket and ran out of the house. And there I see Nakib getting into his car so at least I had a faster ride there.


Lesson: Plan for the unexpected, be earlier than needed, and you’ve got yourself covered in case of emergencies. Keepin’ it clean.


Here’s the point of it all, take yourself and other people seriously. Don’t let punctuality be a reason for you to miss the important things in life; whether it’s family stuff, education, work/business, salaah, etc.

I don’t know if it’s an issue for you, but it’s one of my weaknesses.


So that’s that.


Your Turn, What’s your story?

Whether it’s about punctuality, a lesson you learned , or if you get nose bleeds too – Comment Below.

Of course, if you’re feeling shy and don’t want to comment BUT you liked this article, just say “MORE” and I’ll get that your way 😀

10 thoughts on “Punctuality…when?

  1. Haha this one has me laughing quite a bit..(I was one of those laughing voices you heard) … Keeping a schedule or track of all things and reminders for them can never be a waste of time- alhamdulillah, I’m glad these are great lessons for you to grow from.

  2. Sometimes I’m attending an event in an unfamiliar location so I do my best to be on time, but my guide is late! This scene has its variations, such as today’s example where I got invited to a fun event (gingerbread masjid building competition! Don’t see that one everyday) at one of the area MSAs. It was rush hour so I took the bus to avoid having to drive through all the traffic. I was unfamiliar with the campus and was meeting some friends there…long story short, they got distracted playing ping pong, pool, etc and we missed most of the event. At least we made it in time to eat the gingerbread masjids!

  3. Coming from where i do , ( crowded Mumbai with daily traffic snarls ) most people are not punctual !
    As for me i always am , almost always as in 99 % of the time.

    Problem is i am left waiting for other people to arrive , twiddling my thumbs and trust me , it takes a lot of Sabr just to hold on to your temper and not start off ona tirade about imp of being punctual.
    Punctuality is a great character trait , it speaks volumes about you :
    How you keep your word , are an organised person , you value other peoples time etc.
    A habit worth cultivating !!

  4. @Ahmed B lol for some reason I was picturing cartoon characters playing ping pong and pool 😛

    Event sounds interesting though…

    @Saira Abdulla That’s great you manage it in Mumbai, mashaAllah. I went for a trip in Dhaka last yr and traffic’s crazy down there…hard to calculate time for long distance.

    @Burhan Uddin Heyy Burhan Uddin good to hear from you bro

  5. I definitely have that problem!!! Omg. Its so true, being late really does lower your value, and people tend to remember. If youre on time 100% of the time, and your late just one time, thats what people remember when assigning tasks, etc. I read this quote in my planner (I have one of those planners that have a new quote on every page, kinda cool!), it said “showing up is 80% of success”. Ive tried that and it is so so true. Just show up. On time. It does wonders from salaah, classes (professors really do notice, even if it looks like they dont),to volunteer events, parties, family, even if its just a commitment to yourself.

    I recently had a few parties for which I was really really late, like two hours because of bad planning on my part, and you would think people wont notice or care because its a social event. The next party I had, I made sure I was the FIRST person there, WITH home-made dessert, and I actually helped set up dinner. And one of my friends said “wow, I didnt think you would be the first person here because your usually the last person to arrive”. I didnt even mind because I knew it was true. Alhamdulillah, being on time felt good and everyone loved the dessert!

  6. @IL – So true, people do notice. Also on the “showing up is 80% of success”

    Likewise for myself, I go to my uni courses late or miss a few here and there. I don’t really care, but few others do notice and joke around like “o dont ask him about it, he probably doesnt go to that class either” “haha the coach needs his own coach” etc…which are true too 😛

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