3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

Wasting Time the Right Way
Wasting Time the Right Way

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[Part 2: here]

We all have those few hours or days when you don’t feel like doing anything (anything useful that is). So we tend to lazy around, watch TV, surf the net, or find something to waste time with.

Ey, it happens to all of us.

I’ve been thinking, how can you and I get the best of both worlds? Still be “lazy” and make it useful.

Now it’s getting clearer to me and I’ve just recently started to use these 3 strategies.


#1 – Edu-tainment

By far my favorite one, as it’s educational AND entertaining.

The best thing about this is that it’s relaxing, because of the entertainment factor, and it’s something you want to learn about. Like many people get caught up with work/school/stuff, life is zooming by. Of course you have interests and hobbies beyond what you’re doing now, so get back into things. Ex. Watch a documentary on the Amazon river, learn about business for that little entrepreneur in you, see what the Raptors are up to (Toronto Raptors, NBA) etc.

Since you feel like wasting time, enjoy it as well as feed your mind.

You like? I like…

In Part II I’ll share with you some of my best things I’ve found on this over the past year since figuring out this concept.

#2 – The Funny

This is less on the education side, but funny stuff is always refreshing.

While researching for this series, I wanted to check up on what the Prophet (peace be upon him), Sahaba (companions), and scholars mentioned about joking around and stuff. I loved this:

`Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘Give your heart a break for some time otherwise it’ll suffer a breakdown out of excessive strain.’

Warning: Don’t OVERDUE the funny stuff as Prophet sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam said, “Do not laugh too much, for laughing deadens the heart.” Keep it balanced, continue learning about Islam to strengthen the heart.

And here’s a balance, it’s truly amazing what we can learn from the companions of the Prophet sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam.

Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) was asked, “Did the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) laugh?” He said, “Yes, and the faith in their hearts was like mountains.”

This is a reminder to myself before anyone else, we still keepin it halal…

#3 – Ma Peoples

This is where the “wasted” time is an investment. Spend it with your family, friends, chill with some “old people” and play with kids etc.

That should be a great refresher and motivator to get back to doing things.


If it’s important stuff to do but you really don’t feel like it, we’ve got the…Hot-Seat Sessions

Those were 3 strategies for Time “Well” Wasted. Part II will be about doing this properly and I’ll put up some of my favorite sites for this.

This is a new twist on Time Management, so what did you think?

If you did think, but don’t want to say what you’re thinking, but you found this useful…just write “More” below and I’ll get that your way.

ps. Now that I’m done this article I’m gona chill for a bit. Put this to good use 😀

10 thoughts on “3 Ways for Time “Well” Wasted [Part I]

  1. Great tips, inshaAllah I hope the next installment will include some specific suggestions.
    For the edutainment, I like using StumbleUpon using educational tags (like film or graphic design, what I like).
    My brother also came up with the term ‘creative procrastination’, he and I use that to, say, make a 60-sec PSA Video for fun, or design random Islamic images… 🙂

  2. @Jawaad Ahmad Khan – I’m liking the StumbleUpon thing.
    I havent used SU much, but it’s useful to check out the best of what’s current. I’ll surf it now, compiling a list of the best places to “waste” time.

    @h an attempt to legitimize it 🙂
    But for myself, I actually find it educational from the coaching and sports psychology perspective…

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