Ramadan AfterMath [Part 1 of 2]

Where do you go after Ramadan?
Where do you go after Ramadan?

It is said that “it takes 21 days to build a habit” but so many people keep saying they weren’t able to maintain much after Ramadan.

With Ramadan being 30 days that should guarantee fantastic new habits in our lives such as more Quran, longer prayers, less distractions. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


The problem obviously is not with Ramadan , but our approach to Ramadan



In this two-part article, we’ll first focus on understanding the problem and then explore solutions. Full version is exclusively on MuslimMatters.org


There are 2 areas of Ramadan that are misunderstood or even unknown to many Muslims.

  1. Habits (as mentioned earlier)
  2. Momentum

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In summary, in this article we looked into:


  • Habits – they need to be built. The building process is hard before it gets easy
  • Few perspectives and experiences of people after Ramadan
  • Momentum – how momentum works like the on-ramp & off-ramp to a highway and that Ramadan is cushioned by two momentum makers with the months of Sha’ban and Shawwal


Part 2 will cover:

  1. How to start building those Ramadan habits, even now…
  2. My Habit Building Formula
  3. A hadith about habits?


I’m looking forward to all your successes,

Br. Nahyan


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