3-Step Efficiency

3-step Efficiency
3-step Efficiency

When you have a goal in mind for something you’re planning to do, take it one task at a time. Be single focused because you don’t want to be juggling 12 things at once.

Here is the 3-Step Efficiency Process while doing a task.

[ Before we begin: Efficiency = getting the maximum results output from minimum time input ]

1 – Finish what you start – Even if you’re doing one thing at a time, not multitasking, doing all the right things but never finishing things off then all this useless. Do your best for 100% completion before moving on to.

Here’s why: Did you ever start reading a book or started cleaning a room until it’s almost done but decided to finish it off later…chances are that the happy ending never came. Probably because you just weren’t ‘feeling it’ again.

It happens to me quite often, so now I’m working on “thinking in absolutes.”

When necessary – break up a project into smaller tasks, the strike those out one-by-one.

2 – Start Fast – If you are determined to finish what you start, but it takes 3 hrs of thinking, adjusting the pens by their colors, meditating to get started then that kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Of course you want to have a plan for what you’re doing, but I think you know what I’m trying to say. Just speed up the start-up and reduce the time wasted in between things.

3 – Deal with distractions – This is something you do before the whole process, its pin-pointing those problems that could come up [like an email alert or FaceBook comment].

Either put them aside for the time being, deal with important phone calls or whatever before you start, or just be patient and check-in after you’re done.
Here’s an example of this whole process in reverse order: The Making of this Article

  1. I knew that my desk has too many ‘toys’ to de-focus me, so I wrote it on my laptop outside in a patio
  2. Set out my notes and opened up my laptop and knew what I wanted to get done
  3. Stuck to it my whole time (except I almost slipped once; I opened up a new browser to read something but got back to do this first 🙂

Same with the audio – all of it in one go. Alhamdulillah.


One thing about building habits is to start right away after learning it. So…

Try it out right now: Comment on this (start fast), write whatever and click “comment” (finish what you start), and do it before anything else (deal with distractions)

If you liked it, just say “More”

8 thoughts on “3-Step Efficiency

  1. “More”…def should go finish studying now that I got this motivation from your article 🙂

  2. More

    Yep distractions are bad things, the amount of times I start a job but never finish…especially if the job/task is boring it could be weeks before I get it done!

    Im determined to get better with time management! InshaAllah

  3. @Surjan Sr. Surjan – “determined” = great choice of word.
    Instead of something like “I want to get better with time management”

    InshaAllah your determination will take you to a new level of productivity.

  4. What a great post. “MORE”.

    Really the simple truth is that multitasking is a losing battle if you indeed try and do ten things at once. The truth about multitasking is juggling ten different tasks, but seeing through on each of your workstreams of each of those ten tasks – to ensure you complete one at a time. This is probably my biggest problem in life – doing so many things that I end up getting nothing done.

    Thanks for the post.

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