Video 1: Tools for Time Management

New Series: Tools for Time Management by Nahyan Chowdhury, The Elite Productivity Trainer

Let’s break it down…

Try it out today and make things happen [obviously lemme how it goes too]

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13 thoughts on “Video 1: Tools for Time Management

  1. thing…”and then throw it away”…enviro geekiness but maybe you should then RECYCLE it :P…awesome vid & keep going, your on a roll 🙂

  2. @Azizur Rahman – Shredding? It’s easier to skip that fancy stuff and stick to the “crumple and throw away” plan.
    But here’s the problem sometimes I just end up with a pile of these because something on it was “important”…

    A better thing would be to just shred it 🙂

  3. @Nahyan

    The main reason for shredding something is for privacy and security. You’d not want someone to find out what you get up to in your life.

    If you are not already shredding think of Identity theft some happens when some one able to get your details from the bins!

    So best is to shredding first before throwing into recycle bin.

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