Dump the Waste and Make Space

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Everyday people complain about how they need to learn time management and how overwhelmed they are with “stuff,” but rarely do anything about it.

Really, it’s not like the solution’s so complicated, like finding a cure for cancer.


You and I know the “1001 things we can all do for better Time Management,” but it’s not likely we’ll do it. Why? Probably because we are “too busy” for it – the irony of that is another issue.

It really comes down to the person and their mindset. If a person thinks to themselves, “Oh I know this is important, I’ll do it if I find the time,” that thing is never going to get done…because we’ll never “findtime to do more things. Seriously, when was the last time we found extra time?

You gotta make the time; put it in our schedule, sacrifice some relaxation (aka TV or mindless internet surfing) time, work more efficiently etc. Nobody has more that 24 hrs/day but some people have more money than others, some have more knowledge than others, some are more fit than others…create the life you want to live, don’t settle for the default.


When we truly value something, we do what it takes to achieve it. The student of knowledge and the scholars didn’t find extra time to pick up a book or attend a class, they made changes to their lifestyle. Changes the average person wasn’t willing to make. [Key word – “willing to make” not “able to make”]


  • Imam At-Tabari (May Allah have mercy on him) died at 86 and averaged 14 pages of writing per day for a lifetime. Tafseer Tabari is the reference tafseer (explanation of Quran) for later generations. It’s 580, 000 pages.
  • There are may authors that worked on their book by waking up 1 hr early,
  • Many entrepreneurs and inventors spent hours after coming home from work and on weekends until they reached their goal.


In Summary:

The best plan is to firstly cut the crap stuff out and develop better time management habits. Make the time for what is important to you; whether it’s Islamic studies, becoming healthy, spending time with family, visiting my site often 🙂 etc.


Lemme know what you got out of this, post a comment below.

This is Nahyan, signing out.


11 thoughts on “Dump the Waste and Make Space

  1. I forgot to mention, this article is one of the fruits of my C-C https://www.nahyaninc.com/archives/109

    Join In (of course, after commenting here first)

    Here’s what I got out of this: writing 14 pgs per day is no simple task (especially like Imam Tabari’s work). I want to identify where’s 30 mins of wasted time in my day and clear that for knowledge-related goals. InshaAllah.

  2. This is exactly what I keep telling other people. That I am ‘too busy’

    Reality of the matter is, even though I may be the busiest person on earth in my mind, I don’t get half my work done these days due to the … the… ME, got no excuse.

    SLeeping and waking up on time helps with the daily energy reserve. Pulling up a late nighter every night for weeks in a row is soon going to make you realise that your whole day is becoming a repitition. Break the cycle. The best time is before and after Fajr, if you want to get done with something really important. And then you can rest for a while after that.

    Alhumdulillah, I am slowly getting back on track, I feel the curse has been lifted. I know what it’s like to be in a bad shape now. Lesson learned.

  3. Asmaa :

    Break the cycle. The best time is before and after Fajr, if you want to get done with something really important. And then you can rest for a while after that.

    That’s spot on. MashaAllah.

  4. Not sure if it’s my computer but audio cuts out at 2:38, when you say “entrepeneurs”…

    Great work though, mashaAllah

  5. Jazakallah khair Nayhan, i find it that i write my day ahead of time (preferably before i go to bed) that makes it easy for me so when i wake up i have my tasks for the day all set up ready to go. However the tricks comes in when actually doing them, i can say generously i get done 60-65% of what i set out to do, that’s not good enough. I need to effectively construct my day according to what is important, least important and not important right now but i feel like i can get them all done the whole day… but most times I’m wrong. So Nayhan with the skills you learned what are some tips you can share with me?

  6. JazakAllah khair, this is another useful reminder. And the video is funny 🙂

    At brother Ahmed’s prompt, you wrote a bit about HOW to become more effective in completing our tasks, i.e. wake up earlier, but I would be interested in hearing more.

    The other feedback I would give you is that when you send the email for this lesson, label it as Lesson 2 (cuz you do that for the other lessons so out of consistency… hey, you requested my feedback 🙂

    Hope it helps. Salaam.

  7. Everyone hopes of achieving this or that, and waits for hope to happen, but “Hope” is not a plan.

  8. So true about wasting time thinking what I have to do. I am always worrying about that. Can’t wait to see that rest.

    I myself use a to do list, but I write them in a note book, because I’d keep losing them. I number my tasks too, and for the overkill, I also break my to do list into 3 columns, with the headings Now, Later, and Maybe( for things that would be nice to do if I have the time to get to them)

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