Burst Out…then Drop Out

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Go the extra mile…even when you’re feeling the burn.

Give that final push and tell yourself that the end result is coming soon.


OK, just to back track a little bit – “what’s this guy talking about?”

This is about giving it your all when it’s needed from you and where the value is.

Here’s an example from marathons:

It’s near the end of the race and everybody is exhausted, but some racers are speeding up instead of slowing down…there’s a burst of energy during those final moments. The 6th position guy can come to 1st and the 1st drops to 4th. This decides the whole race and the top positions can change just like that. It’s a test of who can push themselves further, because they’re all burnt out after that. —


I tried this recently during an intense learning experience. I was tired from lack of sleep, this was around the 12th hour of marathon-like class, and my eyes can barely be opened – what I did was tell myself “I have 20 minutes left for this class to finish; so sit up straight, take a deep breath, open my eyes wide and take a nice break afterwards.”

It did the trick.

Sometimes people want to maintain the same level of energy for too long of a time period just because they need to work on something for 5 hours, but that hurts efficiency. The problem is that we don’t understand breaks. The ideal way to work is to give it your all for a block of time and give it your all during a break time to rejuvenate.

Really, during the break don’t just sit on the chair for 10 minutes; sit back, put your feet up, get some juice (none of that soda stuff) and really relax.



Step 1 – Know where the finish line is and have a rough estimate for the amount of effort it will need to get there

Step 2 – Tell yourself (this may sound weird, but say it in your head) what it’s gonna take to get it done

Step 3 – Drop out of it completely after you’re done; take a break away from work area, switch tasks, do something relaxing, whatever you want to take your mind elsewhere and refresh.


At the end of the day,  we gotta push ourselves because the best things in life don’t come on a silver platter.  That’s where the value is, but most are not willing to go the extra mile.

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5 thoughts on “Burst Out…then Drop Out

  1. MashaAllah, definitely a great tip…most busy people lose focus of this one thing that could tremendously help them: the need to relax after their work. May Allah help us to understand and imlplement this concept.

  2. More.

    lol, really really helpful mashAllah. I read this quote the other day, I think it applies perfectly in this situation

    “Go all out. Most won’t. Give Supreme Effort. Most don’t.”

    Its that fine line of exhaustion you just described that really separates a winner from those who wished they had pushed just a little bit further, because at the end of the day, most people dont. subhanAllah

  3. @IL – *mm* that’s a great quote, and so true.

    In a way, I think it’s actually a skill that can be developed. Like, I was thinking the other day about how often people fantasize about Islam/dawah related things but when the time comes…they easily thrown in the towel (myself included).

    A distinction between talkers & do-ers.

    The analogy with sports is very clear to see, it extends to patience with other people, in ibaadah (like spending an extra 5 seconds in sajdah, reading til the end of the book)
    , etc.

    Anyway, my head kinda hurts so I dono if that even relates 😛

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