5 Myths about Time Management

In the world, there are some great myths today that were once thought to be fact. Like the earth is flat or the planets and sun revolves around the earth.

In life there are also things we live our life by, thinking it’s true but we just bought into the wrong ideas. Here are 5 Myths about Time Management

#1 – I don’t have Time for Time Management

Isn’t this so ironic?

Here’s what it comes down to: Feel the short sting of self-discipline or the crushing weight of regret?

Time management and increased productivity will free up more time in your life, work, and/or studies than ever before, but like most good things in life there is a price to pay. The effort it takes to just clean up the work area, prioritize the important work,  or whatever it may be, will bring much greater returns.

#2 – I work best under pressure

This one is funny and sad and can be devastating.

Funny because it’s so not true. Being tensed, stressed, under pressure for too long or too often is harmful for a person’s health as well as other areas of life.

Sad because many people believe this.

It does have a benefit though, now it feels like there’s a legitimate excuse to procrastinate until the last minute [aka watch Prison Break or something]. When the pressure does come, I know you know they’re not the most fun person to be around. Obviously when there’s a deadline looming over somebody’s head they can be irritable.

Devastating because it can creep into a person’s deen; waiting until the last 15 minutes to pray the salaah, asking “is it halal to…” when the contract is ready and awaiting signature, contacting the biryani place 30 minutes after the event has started and people are in line for dinner. So pressure –> definitely not ideal working situation.

#3 – I don’t want to be stuck to an agenda

Nobody said this is rule #1 of time management anyway. However, if something needs to get done then I’m sure they want to get that done as easily and effectively possible; why not follow through with the plans and enjoy the free time.

#4 – I’m not a neat freak

Managing time isn’t about managing your closet.

Whatever is important or necessary for something that’s important, just make sure it’s available.

  • Ex. Going to the gym – just have the shoes and clothes ready beforehand.
  • Ex. Going to class in the morning – have a pen and the book handy (unless of course you work best under pressure and want to rush to find them before you leave 🙂

#5 – I’m unfixable

This one might be true…

It’s really on the person to make the changes in their life. Sure, every time management technique or system may not be your favorite but atleast give it a fair try. See what works for you and go with that, leave the rest. Even if it’s a tough situation, do what you can do.

Give yourself a fair chance; you may be standing in the way of your success. Our life is nothing more than the limited time we have,  so let’s make the best of it.

So there they are – 5 Myths about Time Management

————— What do YOU think?

If you’d like to defend one of the myths or share your thoughts just comment below.

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26 thoughts on “5 Myths about Time Management

  1. as salaamu alaikum,
    jazakallahu khairun for sharing the beneficial info. I really liked #1… the short sting vs. crushing weight. that hit me.

    as i read it sounded as though these were 5 excuses ppl give, to avoid managing their time. myths would be something like “People who manage their time aren’t spontaneous,” or “People who manage their time don’t enjoy life.” jazaks again.

  2. Jazakallahukhairan for the reminder Nahyan. I benefited the most from point #5. Its We don’t realize it, but we were meant to do great things, and we stand in our own path of greatness.

  3. Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,


    I think ‘#2 – I work best under pressure’ hit me the hardest. Its the excuse every single student makes…well most students.

    InshaAllah if you can expand more on point two its defects and how to get out of this type of thinking i think it will be very beneficial, because, isn’t this whole life a big test?

    Bad news for the last minuters especially when you don’t even know when your times up.

  4. Jazakallahu khayr
    More. I really liked the neat freak thing and the I need to be prepared b4hand for what ever im going to be doing.
    Bro, from the untangle your time videos,it’d be cool if you could further explain the 80/20 principle, because I don’t completely get it.

  5. @Yasser I wanna apply the “short sting vs crushing pain” for myself, kinda puts things in perspective.
    I see what you mean with the myths thing, I didnt think too much into what’s a myth vs excuse. Jazakallahukhair Yasser

    @Imran Qureshi I like how you put it, “we were meant to do great things, and we stand in our own path of greatness”

  6. @Nurjahan Ya the “I work best under pressure” thing hits so many students. I do plan on expanding on these 5 points (+more) with the solution, no point just mentioning the excuses without giving the alternative.

    @Aarif I like the neat freak one because I’m actually very messy with my room and desk, but I try to always keep what I need handy…maybe that’s part of the problem in being messy 😛

    Aarif :

    Bro, from the untangle your time videos,it’d be cool if you could further explain the 80/20 principle, because I don’t completely get it.

    Will do inshaAllah, I know it was very clear in the video. Jazakallahukhair. I will get something about that next week inshaAllah.

  7. amazing, amazing, amazing! subhanAllah! Thank you for this. SO true and so so helpful!!! JazakAllah Khairan!!!!

  8. Bismillahi Rahmani Ar-Raheem

    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh,
    Can you give more practical things to do to change our lives around. 5 time management techniques are sik bro! Keep up the good wrk … “more”. I look forward in seeing the more practical aspects where u can tell us how to practice all these things into our life.
    Wa JazakaAllahu Khayr Akhy

  9. @Gouled – wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh akhi Gouled,

    Great to hear from you, and that you liked this article. InshaAllah I will deliver on the “more” part, keep lessons practical and practice it myself.


  10. Salam. Great article – I believed in all except #5, but I think I’m procrastinating on this one lol. Wish you all the best. I’m in the process of checking out your other stuff, looking good so far Mr. Robins.. jk

  11. Assalamulaikum Brother,

    Jazakallah Khairan, Amazing writing, definitely helpful if one is a procastinator :).

    More Please.


  12. Assalaamu ‘alaikum.
    I guess I’m new to this site.. but alhamdulillah, I am learning many new tips from the articles. may Allah make it easy for us to begin implementing them. I was just wondering if you ever got a chance to write the “solution” article everyone’s talking about. If so, would you be able to link it, here.

    JazakAllahu Khairan, bro. &Keep doing what you do. Time management with an Islamic twist. Definitely needed and appreciated!


  13. @anonymouSIS. wa alaikum assalaam,

    Wa jazakum, great to hear you’ve benefited.

    I actually didn’t do the solutions part of it 😛 but your comment was a reminder for me to get to that inshaAllah…I’ll post the link on this as well.

  14. So true, to be honest with you the only big thing that worries me the most is my attention span. because even in my salah that is a huge thing and even ramadan prayer (taraweeh)
    and i aint a organized person myself.

  15. MORE!!! I love how u get straight to the point wid the tips adding some sense of humour into it as well 🙂

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