The Revenge of Prophet Yusuf

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  • A common lesson from unique teachers 😛
  • How to make revenge meaningful
  • Forgiveness = Bigger person
  • The amazingness of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him)

Comment: If you plan to be the bigger person in your next conflict,

say “YES below 🙂

Excellent Tafseer Surah Yusuf with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi:

15 thoughts on “The Revenge of Prophet Yusuf

  1. I have a problem with my brother … we got into a fight a while back and we dun talk for 2 years now .. and subhanaAllah he is older than me … it started off at the table (kitchen) .. when i mentionned some inapppropriate comment which made him flipp … and from that time on we never spoke. I get these thoughts if u were to start he is not really appreciative and maybe let him come to u .. and all that … and he is not worth tlking to .. and he is going to think that I am that person who came up to him and I am the one who feels something is missing and he is juss waiting for me and for me to do all the job .. uknow what i mean?

    Sorry for this huge post … any ideas? suggestions? remedied?

  2. Number 1, you’re videos leave me with me huge grin on my face

    Number 2, the old man had every right and the other deserved the bashing (i know i know im missing the point of the video=/ )

    BUT, YES =) inshAllah

  3. Assalamu Alaykum!
    That was funny but painfull to watch…that old man is danger lol

    Great topic tho mA..I love the story of prophet Yusuf alayhi salaam there are has so many beautiful lessons you can take from it

    A Question:

    I know fogiving others is a character trait that should be sought after as a muslim..but what if you find it impossible to forgive someone who has hurt you and eventhough you’ve gone to a stage where you don’t think about it and it doesn’t affect your life, you find it very difficult to forgive that person does that mean Allah is displeased with you?

    JazakAllahu khair and keep up the good job!

  4. @Abd-Allah allahulmusta’aan (to Allah we seek help).

    I know what you mean bro, it’s not easy to deal with a situation like that….but it’s great to know you wanna resolve it. May Allah make it easy.

    1) Do you want to resolve it? Why?
    — It’s not only a matter of ‘wanting’, but an obligation by Allah
    (Hadith: impermissible to NOT speak to one’s brother (in Islam) beyond 3 days)

    — Do it for selfish reasons (for your own benefit from Allah) “Whoever would like his lifespan to be extended and his provision to be increased, let him uphold the ties of kinship.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1961; Muslim, 2557)

    2) Start small – just a hello/salam along with a smile, a compliment
    ex. FaceBook is a good place, simply “liking” or commenting on his post – kinda sneaky

    3) Persistence (being the bigger person) – you continue to “be good” and uphold your part of the relationship. Allah doesn’t require one to be buddy-buddy with every family member, just keep in touch with them, visit when sick, saying “yarhamukallah” if they sneeze, returning the salam etc.

    Hope that is helpful akhi.

    May Allah reward you for taking the first step and make it easy for you both.

    ps. I have an older brother myself; of course there’s the occasional differences but with time people develop and change (hopefully for the better). Let the relationship develop and change too (for the better instead of worse)

    pps. How amazing was Yusuf (AS) – youngest child at the time, thrown into a well (possible death), kept far away from his beloved father, rags to riches story, brothers in desperate need for help…Yusuf says, “No reproach…” – Allahuakbar.
    [jazakallahukhair for asking this, gave me a deeper lesson too]

  5. @Heba – 1 – Thank you very much for sharing that, jazakallahukhair.
    2 – no you didn’t miss the point 😀 that guy had it coming…I’m glad “Epic Beard Man” (now his YouTube name) gave it to him

    @filsan – wa alaikum assalaam. Surah Yusuf truly is amazing, and the words of Allah are true (Surah Yusuf = best of stories)

    Answer: Allahu ‘alam – Allah knows best.

    Here’s a quote I like: “Forgiveness is its own virtue”
    Like I mentioned above @Abd-Allah – do it for selfish reasons (for the sake of Allah)

  6. @Abd-Allah – That is a tough situation, I know of someone that was in a similar situation and when she was trying to reconciliate, the other person was not reciprocating. This makes matters even more discouraging. One thing is to continue to seek advice in good company, although you know what you need to do and you probably have heard what they have to say. Often times, being in good company helps you put things into perspective. This could be done online, as you have just done, or in person. Remember, you are doing it for the sake of Allah, and expect your reward only from Allah, and inshallah you will not be disappointed.
    @Nahyan – I think my grandfather can take old white man, but damn he can pack a punch.

  7. @Nahyan
    jazakaAllahu kul khayr for the advice … i’ll try it out … May Allah make it easy 4 me .. plz make du’a so process can rendered smooth.
    BarakAllahu feek brothers/sisters

  8. Assalumualikum it’s Abdus Sami, alhumdulilah i seen your vidss and i hope you keep it up. If you don’t remember me its the brother from Baitul MkRM. Anyways keep the vids up inshallah Allah might change the lives of everyone who need these qualities. I myself to inshallah. Yes! 🙂

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