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  1. As Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

    Jazakallahu ‘Khayran bro, very beneficial.

    I find the Best place for me to work is in my room as its quiet, and the Worst place is uni as its noisy and alot of people around. But then again working in my room i can get distracted quiet easily, so don’t know how to get rid of that lol. Any tips?

  2. Haha! Wow, funny guy. You actually proclaim “Ma, i wanna eat” and get stuff??

    Best place to study/work— my room- full control over things, just sign out of MSN/facebook/twitter/all that junk for the day, and don’t think about it.
    What i like about home, if i’m unproductive I’m the only one to blame (there’s no excuse).
    Uni- hard to find a spot/gotta get up to pray every 2 hours and lose that spot/pack up/eat lunch/lots of wasted time.

    Getting rid of distractions at home:
    “how much do I really want that A+?” (if you pay your own tuition…you better care)
    “What are the end goals of being highly productive”

    *imagine being in Jannah reaping all the fruits of your work…why sit around and do nothing?

  3. @Burhan Uddin – wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh bro.

    I don’t have the home distractions down myself, but one option is to work far away from the computer…in the summer time I did my work on a table in our front yard (as long as its away from my room)

    @MSheikh hehe, no…that actually never works

    That’s a true point that at home, there is no excuse.
    Sometimes on campus, bump into people for a little “chat” after salaah and you’re there till the next prayer…and I know how much you love to just “chill” Mohamed 😛

  4. Assalam alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuhu brother… interesting topic really and yeah entertaining vid 😀
    I’m highly distractable i realize now that you got me thinking-
    * pathetic when trying to work in my room (unless my table’s clear of distractions.. remember the out of sight, out of mind theory?)- I lose the impetus to concentrate and study when there is something more interesting or absorbing to do.
    * with nothing to attract my attention, however, I can study anywhere in the world- library(absolute silence), campus(even with friends around), middle of a room full of talking people(noisy).. just anywhere.
    * working in urgency- real(such as a deadline/exam) or made-up(vow unto thyself..lol) makes sure I rush back after food/ salah/…. and ‘chat sessions’ are cut short. plus it disconnects you from a not-so-conducive environment as your focus is on the work at hand. Hope that helps.
    Jazakallah Khairan.

  5. @Safoora wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sr.Safoora,

    “distractable” – funny word

    I know what you mean with being able to study anywhere but the room, it is kinda weird how easily we can get distracted nowadays…

    Urgency – couldn’t agree more. I was thinking of that just few minutes ago, I’m working on a video (non-T4T) related to “urgency” as well.

    wa jazakumullahu khair

    ps. Do you reside in Bangalore? (i just noticed it in one of the stats things)

  6. hilarious…”I don’t wanna bore you with a big list”

    For me, I think silence works for me…I’m slowly discovering this now…as opposed to my old workstyle…(sitting at the computer with TV on in background…).


    love the video btw, really awesome.

  7. @Jawaad Ahmad Khan 😀

    Ya I never understood how/why people even try working while TV is on somewhere and + the computer…definitely a problem

    Jazakallahukhair for your comment.

    ps. And Jawaad, since you understand video making and stuff, drop me any suggestions or constructive criticism for any of the vids

  8. Asallam Alaikum,

    Hahaha very funny and beneficial video!

    My best place to study is at the school library. Its calm, quiet, and when you lose focus, there are freinds around that you can bother (just like in the video).

  9. Bismilllah
    MashaAllah great video – even thought its only 2 min still very beneficial
    I find that the best place for me to work is at home in my room where its quiet with no distractions and the worst being my living room where the TV is on 24/7 with family in and out.
    JazzakAllah Br

  10. I don’t have a best or worst place to work. I just have to switch it up every week or two so I don’t too used to one spot. Prime locations range from my room, the library, the masjid, and to the coffeeshop.

  11. Assalamualaikum
    Best place:Home
    Worst place:college;too many distractions out there
    Alhamdulillah highly beneficial video

  12. Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wa barakatu hu
    library dosent work with me coz when I am face to face I tend to talk or concentrate on the slightest of sounds. It’s better to sign up with the public library instead of own uni lib.
    Home depends on the kind of family you are in- if in a joint family or you are with inlaws then it’s a challenging task unless you have learnt to say “NO”.
    if you live in d subcontinent then one could go to public places like parks/ gardens / the balcony prove much better concentration in fresh air unless you get destratced by the birds and d bees

  13. @Abu Yusuf wa alaikum assalaam. Ya man, it’s refreshing to chill with people in between study sessions.

    @Rohima wa alaikum assalaam wa jazakum sr.Rohima

    Ya it’s very difficult to study in a living room. For me, along with the distractions I get weirded out if people (parents:) ) hover around while studying

    like “study hard”
    in my mind “OMG that’s what I’m trying to do!”

  14. @Af I like that, alternation. I actually really like that one 🙂

    @muslimah wa alaikum assalaam. Jazakallahukhair sr, I’m really glad you’ve benefited + commented.

    @Saher wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    It’s true, with a larger family or just having lots of people, gotta learn to draw boundaries.

    I like the public library too, only problem I find is if there’s no salah area nearby or place within.

    Outdoors – It’s so amazing to study/read outdoors, one of my favorite parts of the summer…I look forward to reading outdoors more than the sports – aww that makes me sound like a nerd 🙁

  15. Assalamu alaykum,

    first of all I have to say what a great and beneficial website this is….sooo many great tips! mashaAllah.

    Best place to study has to be in a very quiet place (my room)..preferably the same spot everyday (a bit ott but hey)
    Worst place is wherever lil kids are roaming around I tend to study them more then my work

  16. As Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

    Jazakallahu ‘Khayran bro, very beneficial and also like the fun side of the video!

    Best places for me to:
    -> Study in the Mosque — All the books I want to read are there.

    -> Main work (9-5) — Open office is not very productive for me (but I am stuck with it until there is a office move).

    -> Other work (volunteering) — works best at home after the kids are off to sleep.

    As a father I can say for sure working where ever kids are difficult. But you should be very patient with kids. They will want your attention at the very critical time. This is really a test from Allah as to see what you value most your Amanah (your children) or your work.

  17. @Filsan Hussein – wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah,

    Jazakallahukhair for finding it beneficial sister.
    It’s cool how there’s such a variety of preferences in terms of best/worst place. Yours is same spot while Af’s saying change it up often. Interesting…

    ps. I checked out the QShams site, upcoming course looks fantastic. mashaAllah.

  18. @Azizur Rahman wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh bro

    Good point on the masjid.
    For myself, I like the place but can’t read the books. Hard to resist making my marks in it and stuff.

    Kids – very true indeed…

  19. Sallamualaikum,

    Best Place- School Library/Any other public library with someone who’s a good study buddy and will actually work and not talk the whole time.

    Worse- At home I can’t get anything done, its too loud, too much going on and kids running all over the place.
    If I’m in my room I usually end up surfing the net (like now), talking to someone or telling myself I’ll take a nap and end up sleeping until the next day.

    It depends on the time though, I can get work done at home @ night when everyones sleeping.

  20. When I’m doing anything that pertains to my right brain-ness, I have to have noise. Like, writing, reading… etc. I’ll put on some nasheed… really loud and my mom doesn’t understand how I concentrate with a nasheed on but hate it when people have conversations around me when I’m working. It just has to be something with a rhythm. Kinda gets my brain going. And inspires creativity :D.

    When I’m doing stuff that involves the left brain… it has to be dead quiet. Like… Math. does that make any sense?

    And I think the library is the BESTTTT place to work (i’d need to pop some headphones in my ear though :D). There are no distractions… absolutely none. unless you take your laptop with you or something. I would be so much more productive if I could spend a few hours a day doing my Lit assignments at the LIBRARY instead home.

    Oh, where ever it is… it has to be squeaky clean.

  21. @Muslimah22 – wa alaikum assalaam warahmatullah,

    Kinda hard to find that kind of study buddy isn’t it?
    It’s ironic that after getting rid of family/people distractions it comes down to removing personal distractions (surfing the net, napping etc)

    @Z I like the “right brain-ness” and nasheed stuff figured out. Makes good sense, I used to use noise to do work before but that doesn’t work any more.

    It’s sometimes a good idea to pop headphones for no reason, keeps people away 🙂

  22. @Nahyan
    Assalaam alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuhu brother.. i’m actually about 500 km from Bangalore.. guess the stats counter picks up the ‘closest’ metropolitan city.. lol
    looking forward to the upcoming urgency vid inshaAllaah.
    JazakAllaah khair.

  23. I find the best places for me to work are both the University library and home. At uni, i just go to the highest level which is only meant to be used for serious, individual study. At home, i work after everyone’s gone to sleep. I find it easier to concentrate when i know that no family members will distract me.

  24. @Amina Good to see you’ve got that down. I like those silent work areas too, we’ve got few on our campus.

    sometimes the silence gets weird tho…like all you can hear is the heel of your shoe or its squeaking because of the melted snow or rain 😛

  25. Nice video Mashallah! I really enjoyed it– Specially “Maa Ami Khabo” part! lol.. Ami Bangla Jaani Naa!

    For me, I am styll in a process to identify the best place for me to study! in University I have too many Mahfoozs and at home a little too many distractions! Hopefully I will find a proper place before examss.. lol

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