[Review] Sh. Muhammad Alshareef’s TimeTraveller DVD

If you aren’t aware of who Muhammad Alshareef is or his TimeTraveller [Time Management] seminar DVD…now you will be.

Watch this video (my review and experience with this seminar)

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Check it out: http://www.TimeTravelMaster.com/

In the video:

  • 3 big lessons from the seminar
  • The 1 breakthrough that really changed things up for me
  • special interruptions in the middle 😛


If you’ve already got or attended the seminar, comment on what you benefitted from it.

If you’re considering it, feel free to ask your question below.

ps. did you notice the baby in there :p

12 thoughts on “[Review] Sh. Muhammad Alshareef’s TimeTraveller DVD

  1. Amazing summary.

    I loved your style. Those cuts were pretty slick, ma sha Allah.

    Talking about “focus” and then getting distracted. That was hilarious 🙂

  2. Assalamualaikum
    Eventhough i had seen the video by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef before it made alot more impact and i gained more when when watched after watching the above video
    Jazzakallahu khairan

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