Quiet on the Blog Front

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It’s been way too long – nothing has been posted on this site.

Problem = lack of system = slow or no progress

What happened?

  • 2 weeks ago I completed a T4T vid (with the editing help of Mahfooz) but didn’t post it because I wanted to finish the other stuff
  • 1 week ago I made a video…but it was on my sister’s computer and then she took her laptop home
  • This week I made a video, but o look my laptop is pretty garbage so it can’t “handle” video editing
  • Software didn’t install at uni, couldn’t borrow my sister’s for few hours and now I finally figured “Why not use my dad’s work laptop that’s lying in the very next room!”

Now I’m sitting here with two 95% and one 60% completed tasks but nothing to show for. However, now I’m working on bringing them all to 100%…


Solution and my Future Plan

Create systems – a process to follow from start to finish with alternatives set out in case of unanticipated problems. With that done, I know I wouldn’t waste all these days next time it happens.

Another reason why you want to create a system or process of work is to use thinking energy for creative or valuable tasks, not mundane day-to-day work.


For myself, I try to use the knowledge I share, so in this case I didn’t want to wait until I’m on a laptop with internet to write it…so this article was done on my BlackBerry while waiting in a 20 minute line at the bank last Friday.


So ya, I’ve got a few videos and announcements over the next few days so stay alert and stay safe.

ps. Anyone (Canadians) get a flashback to the safety cartoons outro Stay Alert, Stay Safe *dada*” – on GlobalTV during the early morning cartoons πŸ˜€

13 thoughts on “Quiet on the Blog Front

  1. Assalamu alaykum.

    Timely post.
    Masha’Allah I don’t feel so bad. I was working on one computer, I think I am maxed out on space (based on my computer feedback to me), but trying to complete a project and need to download another program. So worried about crashing computer before finishing project, I really need to reboot and reinstall so that it will function better but I have been waiting to get it all worked out but it seems I am running out of space to do that πŸ™‚

    Decided to try the computer of my dh, but he does not have all the programs to use the paper / data anallysis system I am using…sigh. And he is the computer expert, but is busy today.

    So I am trying to take it one step at a time. I could be done this weekend but with the multiple computer systems and juggling back and forth, it has been rough and time consuming. So I am going to cope by transfering things I can work on to his computer, then it will take trusting Allah to have my current programs downloaded, rebooted, and fixed on my computer (which I did not want to do for fear of crashing it and losing all my “important” stuff. I may also cope by taking kids to park for scooter ride at some point…

    So elHamdulillah I will just have to do something with my current computer rather than waiting until I am truly done with my project. It is hard to do in the middle of a project (it has spanned 3 years and I really want to get done). If Allah wants it all to work out, elHamdulillah I will end up happier once things are worked out even though fixing it in the middle of a project and time consuming. And if Allah does not want it to work out, ElHamdulillah, maybe I was doing things the wrong way in the first place. We have to put our trust and faith in Allah, and while we have plans, we do sometimes take a strange twist and turn, but elHamdulillah, it is Allah’s infinite wisdom.

    Bismillah, may Allah, the Merciful, the Sustainer, the Benevolent, the Gentle rectify all my affairs and make it easy.

    Looking forward to upcoming info.

  2. Assalam alykum,

    Subhanallah, I know the feeling. Some things seem to work in parallel and even though one is putting lots of effort and time in there isn’t much to show until hay presto all comes through… with excellence in-sha’allah.

    Looking forwards to the videos.

  3. “For myself, I try to use the knowledge I share”

    This is gold!

    My blog actually started as an archive for myself so I wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes or search for the same technique….

  4. @Umm Amin – wa alaikum assalaam, wow inshaAllah that works out. Gotta triple check if you’ve saved all the important stuff. Coincidentally I’m trying to reboot my laptop this weekend as well, I never did it before so hoping that goes through as well.

    @Hanan ya it’s kinda like the saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back” – it’s a great feeling to finally have it accomplished.

  5. MashaAllah, hope you’re successful in everything you do.

    Btw, I think you’re on messagemastery, maybe you should use the 8-pass editing process laid out by Br. Belal.

    I only mention because I just started using it, and my first video was already like 200% better than my previous videos.

  6. that is soo true… i was trying to get rid of of my bad habits and i realize i only do them when i have alot of free time on my hands or running away from certain things like a hard essay course work or something or even chorses.

    sometimes i would wonder how life will be without having any bad habits and my main one is laziness and it offend occurs in the summers around family (who are just like me)

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