3 Lessons from 3 Idiots

Quick vid on 3 lessons from 3 Idiots

…ya I know it’s a movie and all, just sharing a few benefits and it’s  NOT a recommendation

Check it:

In case you did watch the movie, how’d you find it?

12 thoughts on “3 Lessons from 3 Idiots

  1. Salaam Brother Nahyan…

    JazaakAllah Khair…
    Beneficial points, yes, but I wonder how applicable is it outside the ‘Western’ world. See, I am ethnically Indian, born and raised in UAE; both countries being Asian, the culture is very different from what it is like in the West. I know ‘cos I was in Australia for a while.

    Sometimes we would want to do things that we like with regard to education, but we have pressures.. like job scope, salary expectations etc. For eg. I was working in Compensations & Benefits Section which is well paid, but for me as an expatriate in UAE, its hard for us to get promoted above a particular level, so I had to chose another career path. Feel me?
    Another example being, the youth wanting to do Islamic Conferences here, but initiating it is not the easiest thing to do as the rules are very restricted here.

    Its not that easy to apply innovations in here, or ‘do what you love’. I believe its the same almost all over Asia. I know everyone talks about follow your (halaal) passions and stuff, but how applicable do you think it is for people… like moi ! =)
    HayyakAllah !!

    Btw, I haven’t watch the movie yet. Last year, I watched like 10 min of it, and thought I’ll continue later…. Good procrastination i guess.

  2. @h! – wa alaikum assalaam,

    I feel you bro, things are much more restricted socially and Islamically. (I actually grew up nearby UAE, in Qatar)

    y’know, an application of this line of thinking is in lifestyle change (hobbies, self-improvement, strong family etc) and online. Considering the interconnectedness of people online, there’s endless opportunity to pursue hobbies, have small/large da’wah impact, even building businesses.

    How does that sound? (I liked the question/thought, I’m just lightheaded while writing this so i dono if it makes sense 😛 …)

    Movie – good procrastination indeed 🙂

  3. 3 idiots did have a good lesson (Taare Zameen Par also does too)

    I liked the movie’s viewpoint on learning: learn for the love learning not merely to get grades.

    And ‘all is well’ is a good mantra 🙂

  4. Taare Zameen Par was cute.. but over hyped.
    Like they say, holly/bolly/tolly/lolly/what-not-woods are meant to entertain, not educate 😉

    I haven’t seen 3 Idoits, so can’t comment on that.

  5. Haaa haa you watched a bollywood movie (:P)
    lol jk
    but the lessons are good alhumdulillah. “ALL IS WELL” can also be used for sabr so we are patient during times of stress
    hope you all are in the highest state of eeman and health

  6. asalaam o alykum

    im not a hindi movie fan par i watched this cause it had a good message to give, just like what you said about ‘All is well’

    after watching the movie, i just wished my parents had seen 3 Idiots, 3 years ago.

    cause im actually doing what my dad wanted.lol

    it was a good movie with a lot of positive messages, u know the best part was to not commit suicide, but to move on.

  7. @Maryam wa alaikum assalaam

    @parents – lol that’s true

    I’m glad my parents watched it and like it too, makes it easy for me to break the news I’m not pursuing my life science stream for entrepreneurship 🙂

  8. lol.

    yes my parents watched it too 🙂

    im just glad my youngest brother can do whatevr he wants now inshaAllah, btw i think that the youngest in the fam get an oppurtunity to do what they want anyway cause then parents are done with the career selection for the older ones.lol, *dilemmas of older siblings*

    anyways good show mashaAllah.Keep up the cool work mashaAllah. For a Muslim, there’s hidden hikmah in everything, even in 3 idiots lol. i would love to make good quality halal muslim vids one day inshaAllah.

    jazakAllah 🙂

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