2009 in Review (II of II)

2009 in Review
2009 in Review Photo from Koalazymonkey

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The Part I (with the exercise) is here

So this is my 3 Things I’ve Accomplished, Learned, and Will Focus On

3 Things I’ve Accomplished:

1) NahyanInc.com started (June)

  • Lesson: start and then improve it, instead of trying to make it “perfect” because it’s never going to get there

2) Made my 1st videos

  • May not sound major, but it’s quite weird talking into a camera by myself. (Most of the earlier videos are offline now)

3) KnowledgeHive

  • I didn’t “DO” this, but attending KnowledgeHive from AlKauthar Institute was an unforgettable experience and a great learning experience, in and out of class. Looking forward to it in 2009.

3 Things I’ve Learned:

1) BS-ing (not a swear word if it’s an acronym right 😛 ) will only take me so far

  • An excuse may work, but excuses are for losers. Feel that crappy feeling and resolve it. 

2) Get started and then optimize

  • I planned many things to happen…but then wasted time until the opportunity was lost. An opportunity missed feels worse than an opportunity undiscovered.

3) Motivation dwindles

  • Don’t let motivation become your primary fuel, create habits to “automatically” accomplish things and build a habit-based life

3 Things to Focus on in 2010:

1) Value, Value, Value

  • it’s an incredible feeling to know that something I’ve done or contributed is beneficial. This isn’t just a focus for 2010, it’s a life mission.

2) Me = Guinea Pig

  • More time management related experimentation (an example is Hot-Seat Sessions). It’s a shared benefit for you and I from the experiment and it’ll also increase how much I can write/teach.
  • Up to now, writing articles has been inconsistent for me because I slacked in continually practicing time management strategies instead of just learning about them. I choose to only share what I practice/try-to-practice

more experimentation >> more learning >> more growth >> more things share-worthy

3) Videos

  • It is today’s most powerful medium and (can be) highly impactful to learn with and da’wah


Did you do your 2009 in review?

If not, then do it now before the opportunity is gone. Check Part I

Here are 2 strategies that Belal Khan (Leechon Films) used that you can check out:

  1. Brainstorming with a Mind-Map
  2. Ask other people

Of course, if you’ve got yours done or wanna add something, post below.

I hope you benefit from this, and inshaAllah 2010 holds the best of your successes in dunya and akhira.

3 thoughts on “2009 in Review (II of II)

  1. great accomplishments and observations. thanks for sharing. I will take this with me “Don’t let motivation become your primary fuel, create habits to “automatically” accomplish things and build a habit-based life”

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