2009 in Review (I of II)

2009 in Review

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2009 in Review

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…so I’m curious if you’ve reviewed 2009.

—- 3 L’s for Goals and an Exercise below : 3 Things I’ve learned, 3 Things I’ve accomplished, and 3 Things I will focus on in 2010

Just before that though Do you even need to review 2009?

If you want to invest the lessons and growth of 2009 into your future, then YES. “You live and you learn” right

Umar ibn Al Khattab (radi ‘Allahu ‘anhu) said, “Take account of yourselves before it is taken of you. Weigh your deeds before they are weighed for you (on Day of Judgement) and beautify yourselves (with good deeds)…”

Here are 3 reasons to do this immediately:

  1. If you’re not learning from your mistakes, they WILL re-occur
  2. If you’re not excited for your future accomplishments, it’s doubtful you’ll have significant accomplishments to be excited about
  3. If the concept of thinking about life is uncomfortable…then there’s a serious need for this



Although an over-simplified exercise for goal setting, it’s a good start. You can do it in 5 mins or make it even better with 20 mins

1) Write down like 10 Things you’ve Accomplished, Learned, and will Focus on in 2010
2) Just brainstorm and then summarize to 3 or 5 so you can glance back at it later on.

Note: make it specific, time-bound, and slightly unrealistic to make it exciting (Few points from Sh.Muhammad Alshareef)

3) Share it – tell someone else so it has some accountability  OR post it below saying you’re “DONE”

Reason: It’s amazing how the way we think and talk impacts our behavior.

I’ve done #1 and #2 myself, my #3 will be in Part II


3 L’s for Goals:

3 L's
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1) Life-en it – (ok this “L” is wack, but I really wanted to make 3 L’s 🙂

If you want to reach a goal, you must “see the reaching” in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal – Zig Ziglar

Make it real; KNOW that you can accomplish it, and don’t worry about HOW you’ll do it.

2) Love it – At a DiscoverU certification training with Sh.Muhammad Alshareef, during a coaching session, Noor said to Sh.Navaid Aziz “This goal should make sleep boring to you” – I found that fantastic.

“Sleep should be a necessity, not the objective” – Jim Rohn

Honestly, it doesn’t even need to be a “I’m going to take over the world goal”, even a simple “I will lose 4 pounds by ____ date to feel more energized waking up every morning” can motivate you enough to get it done.

3) Look at it – Actually 2 weeks ago I was really “feeling” it; I made many plans for the winter break, wrote them down, drafted future articles. Wonderful things. But the next week was one of those “off” weeks; going off track from plans, procrastinating, and sometimes resembling a sloth…

They were really wonderful plans, but I never looked back at them. It’s useful to get it out of your system, but goal-setting without a plan is just a fantasy. One way to keep reminding yourself about them is to keep them in sight.

Reference: Check out my notes from the VisionWeavers workshop by Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury

btw, a lot of 3’s in this eh 🙂


Your Turn:

  1. Just do the exercise above (even a weak effort is better than nothing), then say “DONE” below
  2. Do you see value in reviewing 2009 and planning 2010 or it just sounds pretty but no real benefit?

Lemme know…


5 thoughts on “2009 in Review (I of II)

  1. Almost “done”, but i’m liking it. It seems like i know it but writing it made me contemplate more.

    i kinda regret never reviewing my life. example, what happened 2 or 3 yrs ago is all a blur…not much to benefit from

  2. DONE

    The main benefit I saw in doing this was to look back and think, “Wait, did I accomplish anything over the past year??”

  3. A-Z :
    The main benefit I saw in doing this was to look back and think, “Wait, did I accomplish anything over the past year??”

    Good stuff.
    Exactly bro, sometimes it’s not even a matter of “what did I…” it’s just “did I?”. If nothing else, realizing the lack of growth kinda hits hard…

  4. this is a sad questions..but what if you dont have any acomplishments..how do you start to set goals for yourself and make them different from the rest, because ive set realistic goals for myself before. I think my problem is not believing i can actually do it now,that is time its different. My questions is HOW DO I CHANGE THAT..

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